First time Success

Jessie Bienvenu and the rest of the Genuine Group are extremely knowledgeable and professional. As a 21-year-old, every other realtor never took me seriously as soon as I mentioned my age. My fiancé and I started looking at houses by ourselves since we didn’t feel comfortable with any realtor. We met Jessie at a house that his team was showing. After mentioning our age, he got excited to work with us since according to Jessie, “it’s extremely rare to see young people nowadays purchasing a house.” From day one Jessie and Katie started working overtime to make sure we found the perfect house within our price range. They never tried to sugarcoat any issues with the houses we saw. They went straight with the negative stuff to make sure we were aware of it right from the beginning. I’ve heard multiple stories from family and friends that the process of purchasing a house is a nightmare. The Genuine Group made the process extremely easy and stress-free. If I had a question or concern, I could reach them at any time 24/7. DO NOT PASS UP THE OPPORTUNITY TO WORK WITH THEM! Thank You, Jessie and Katie, for finding the perfect house and making sure the entire process went smoothly!

— Carlos Oviedo